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All Jerky are shipped in 8oz vacuumed sealed bags.


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Is this really the best jerky?
Thanks, this is the best jerky ever.
Glindolyn, Texas

"Gentlemen,    One of the things I look forward to at the Home Shows is your very high quality jerky.  It is the best commercial jerky I know, and, believe me, I have looked."

Best regards,    Bob Nagle

“This jerky is great, love the variety and the great flavor.”
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8oz bags of jerky!

8oz bags of jerky!

Jerky Products come in 8oz vacuumed sealed bags!
Mild (non-spicy)  Beef Jerky

Mild (non-spicy) Beef Jerky

Luau Louie  "Teriyaki"Luau Louie "Teriyaki"Tender, Sweet & Juicy Teriyaki
D. Dude (Cowboy)  "Original Smoked"D. Dude (Cowboy) "Original Smoked"Cowboy, Original Smoked Flavor
Klondike Kal  "Sweet & Tender"Klondike Kal "Sweet & Tender"Golden Nugget, Thick Cut, Sweet & Tender
Medium Spice Beef Jerky
Klondike Kate  "Sweet & Tender Spicy"Klondike Kate "Sweet & Tender Spicy"Golden Nugget Hot, Thick Cut, Sweet 'n Tender
Mooie Louie  "Sweet & Spicy Teriyaki"Mooie Louie "Sweet & Spicy Teriyaki"Tender, Thick Cut, Sweet & Juicy Teriyaki Hot
Bad Bart  "Black Pepper"Bad Bart "Black Pepper"Arizona's #1 Favorite, Thick Cut Black Pepper
Hot Beef Jerky
Sassy Sal  "Hickory Smoked Hot"Sassy Sal "Hickory Smoked Hot"Cowgirl, Thick Cut, Smoke Flavor, with an Extra Kick of Crushed Red Chili Peppers
Sweet Hot with HabaneroSweet Hot with HabaneroTastes like a sweet smoky barbecue rib without the bone with Habanero for those who like it Hot!
Mooie Louie  "Teriyaki with Habanaro"Mooie Louie "Teriyaki with Habanaro"Tender, Sweet & Juicy Teriyaki with Chinese Hot Mustard, Crushed Red & Habanaro Peppers
Montezuma's Rage  "Single Habanero"Montezuma's Rage "Single Habanero"Montezuma's Rage- Thick & Tender with Habanero Chili Peppers
Nitro  "Double Habanero"Nitro "Double Habanero"Twice as Hot as Montezuma's Rage, Same Great Taste!
Chernobyl "Painfully Hot" with Ghost pepperChernobyl "Painfully Hot" with Ghost pepperChernobyl -Painfully Hot Old Fashion Thin Cut with TRIPLE THE HEAT with Ghost Pepper!
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